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Our expertly trained team of barbers have decades of experience and are on hand to provide a host of services, from that easy weekly trim to guiding you towards a different style altogether. Each haircut begins with a hair consultation, followed by shampoo and conditioner, and relaxing scalp massage. After the cut, our Master Barber will style your hair using our superb hair styling products and give you recommendations for how to care for your hair at home.


Our Hot Towel Wet Shave is the perfect way to indulge. For new clients, it starts with a consultation and analysis of your current shaving routine. Your face is then prepared with Pre-Shave Oil and a hot towel treatment, followed by the application of the shaving cream that is suitable for your skin (from our wide range of products) whipped up into a rich lather and applied using a traditional badger hair shaving brush. One of our Master Barbers will then perform the shave itself. And the routine is rounded off with a choice of aftershave balm, enhanced with natural oils and soothing skin formulations to comfort and soften the skin, plus your choice of cologne.


Our Deluxe Facial Treatment is a unique and balanced treatment which is carefully calibrated to cleanse and exfoliate the skin, extract comedones, tone, hydrate and minimise the pores, while promoting a feeling of overall relaxation. Our carefully formulated Skin Maintenance range of products will result in revived and fully hydrated skin. The regular use of these products at home will help to maintain your skin’s good condition and to protect it from everyday damage and pollution. It is beneficial to repeat this treatment every four to six weeks.

Children Hair Cut

Children's Hair Cuts.Here at fidgets we aspire to make haircuts as enjoyable as possible. Whether it be a babies first time, a simple fringe trim, a little tidy up or a more funky modern style, then We've got it covered.

Zero Fade & Style

Taking it all the way to the skin on the back and sides with the clippers. This classic barber haircut is as close as it gets. Providing you with professional hair styling advice using our OSCAR DENNI styling range.

Two Grade Clipper Cut

One grade on the top another on the sides and blended (excluding zero fades). Including a complimentary hair wash before buzzing back over to catch every last strand. Concluded with an optional neck shave to leave a clean, natural finish.


his option is for those of you with a longer beard – keeping it beautifully maintained and in shape with a trim. Your barber will expertly shape your facial hair using an array of cutting and styling tools.


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